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What it does: Xender is a file sharing application
  • Intrusive ads
  • Privacy concern

Xender’s core concept is a really neat idea, it essentially makes file transfers between phones really easy. However, this concept is completely ruined by their business model. Before you even get into the app it asks you to enable a feature that price checks products, which is not what I downloaded the app for. After that it scanned every single app on my phone, which also left me very uncomfortable. The main screen is basically a huge banner ad with some info tucked away and this is one of the apps reported for lockscreen ads. If all that wasn’t enough it also has a section that is literally just ads and a Bollywood music downloading service(?). Why anyone would want all this on a file sharing app is beyond me

Alternatives: Send Anywhere,NFC, Bluetooth, Dropbox, Google Drive, most messaging apps.