Purify – Speed & Battery Saver

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What it does: Purify is a RAM cleaner/phone booster

  • Snake oil
  • Privacy concern
  • Intrusive ads
  • Questionable permissions

If you roted your phone with kingroot you probably have this app installed and don’t even know it. We’ve already discussed in previous reviews and on our apps guide why ram cleaners are placebo apps, but this one takes the cake because most of the times it is installed it has root permission which allows it to really wreak havoc in your phone if it wants to. As most apps of this kind its main purpose is to collect data and sell ads which is why it earned its second and third offenses.

Alternatives: Android cleaners are redundant, android does housekeeping by itself. That said, SD Maid or CCleaner are good apps

2 thoughts on “Purify – Speed & Battery Saver

  1. Dennis Fluttershy

    You should add either a link to the app, or the full name of it. This so it can be referred to.

    An app can always change its logo or name, but it can’t change its full name as easily.

    • Boilem(Admin) Post author

      I don’t link to the app because I don’t want to endorse it. The spreadsheet has the package name for each app I featured which should be enough to track it i they chang its name or icon

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