GO Launcher2016(GO Launcher Z)

Cover art

What it does: GO Launcher is a launcher replacement


  • Questionable permissions
  • Intrusive ads
  • Snake oil
  • Naughty Dev

Go Launcher, sometimes called GO Launcher Z or whatever other variation GOMO thinks off is an invasive and bloated app that should always be kept at least 50 meters way from your device. All jokes aside, this app asks for every permission under the sun including contacts and sms which constitutes a serious privacy concern given the level of trust GOMO has. As most apps of its kind, it’s filled with ads and since it is a launcher that means ads on your homescreen, not to mention various reports of lockscreen ads. To top it all off GO Launcher offers a suite of RAM and app cleaners which like we already discussed here many times before are compltely useless.

Alternatives: Nova Launcher, Smart Luncher