Android “Updaters”

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What it does: These apps claim to update your android phone


  • Snake Oil
  • Intrusive ads


Updates are usually a good thing and with way most android phones are, they’re usually a rarity, so these apps come to solve that problem, except not really. For a phone to be updated the actual manufacturer(Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, etc.) has to push the update to your device, or in some countries the carrier will do that job. What this means is that none of these app has any chance to work, the most any of them will do is open the update setting. That’s right, every android phone already has an updater that actually works and it also happens to be the ONLY one that works, so if that setting doesn’t show that there’s a new update available then in most cases you’re out of luck. I say most cases because some manufacturers (like Asus) will release an update on their website before they push it to their phones, but this isn’t always the case and differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, so the takeaway from this post is if neither the manufacturer website nor the “update” setting has an update available then these apps will never EVER work. This kind of apps only serve as a vehicle to show ads, if you want a newer OS version wither get a newer phone from a manufacturer that is know to keep their phones up to date (or look into custom ROMs if you’re an advanced user).

Here’s a list of some of these apps, I’m sure there are a lot more







Alternatives: Your phone’s “update” setting.