Mobile Security & Protection (Web of Trust)

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What it does:  Mobile Security & Protection “protects” you against viruses and malicious websites


  • Privacy concern

Mobile Security & Protection is the app version of the once often recommended web of trust extension which claims to make browsing safer by adding a security rating to every site, which is in theory a very good idea. In practice though, this app(and the original browser extension) must collect user browsing data for it function and Web Of Trust were caught red handed selling user data to third parties and as if that wasn’t bad enough the data WASN’T anonymized! Having your data sold online is almost a given, but most companies at least have the courtesy to anonymize it, but Web Of Trust breaks all trust (irony!) by giving companies data about you with your name and email attached to it.

Alternatives: No alternatives known, use an adblocker on untrustworthy sites