PSA: Malicious ad network

Hello everyone, this is more of a heads up than a blacklisted app:
Recently found around 500 apps that used an ad network that allowed malicious users to download and run code on your phone. The apps themselves may not be intentionally¬† harmful so I’m no blacklisting them, but you should still update your apps because a few of them have been updated to remove the malicious ad network. Other malicious apps have been removed from the play store so check if any of your apps have suddenly vanished from the store.
Unfortunately lookout did not provide a list of the infected apps, they’ve only provided screenshots of two apps that have already removed the ad network, these apps are “Lucky Cash” and “Selfie City”, so if you have any of these two installed please update them immediately.
If you’d like a more in-depth look at this issue please read the original source.

TL;DR: Update your apps now, non malicious apps may have unintentionally malicious ad networks.

Android Blacklist has no ties whatsoever to lookout, but we felt the need to warn our visitors.