Dolphin Web Browser

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What it does: Dolphin browser is an ad free web browser
  • Privacy Concern

On paper, Dolphin Browser is an amazing apps, it supports HTML5 and flash, has integrated ad blocking, has tabs and a bunch of other features including private browsing. However, it saves all the sites you browsed on a file on your phone. Not to mention the amount of things this browser tracks, everything you do in this app is tracked and sold to someone.

Alternatives: Brave, Lightning, Firefox Focus, Opera


DU Battery Saver – Battery Charger & Battery Life

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What it does: DU Battery saver claims to extend your phones battery life


  • Snake Oil
  • Intrusive Ads
There are many ways to extend your phone’s battery life, but this app isn’t one of them, in fact in most cases it actually decreases it. The app is plagued with ads and bombards phones with notifications and locks screen ads. It also claims it can speed up the charge rate of your phone, which is completely false, charge rate is dictated by phone hardware, the type of charger you’re using and in some cases cable quality.
Alternatives: Greenify, Amplify

ES File Explorer

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 What it does: ES File Explorer is a file manager.


  • Intrusive Ads

If you asked any android buff 5 years ago what file explorer they’d recommend they would tell you to download ES File Explorer in a heartbeat, unfortunately the devs have since pumped the app full of bloatware and it asks you to download shady apps a few of which have questionable content. ES also started displaying ads on the locks creen without user consent.

Alternatives: MiXplorer, Solid Explorer, FX File Explorer

Cleaner Master

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  • Intrusive ads
  • Snake oil
  • Naughty Devs

Cleaner Master, sometimes called Clean Master  does nothing to your useful to your phone. RAM cleaning on android is not useful and the “junk files” it cleans are cache files that will either be downloaded again or created again.

Safe alternatives: Android cleaners are redundant, android does housekeeping by itself. That said, SD Maid or CCleaner are good apps